In Schunaizia teamwork and mutual collaboration among the employees is considered very important for the success of all of its projects. Hundreds of employees had worked in Schunaizia over the years. They all were devoted, honest, hardworking, focused and assembled in order to diffuse responsibilities.Teamwork and cohesion are the backbone of effective communication within a company and provide the opportunity to learn from one another. That is why, Schunaizia has made it the basic principle for its team to work cooperatively to get tasks and projects done. For the Team of Schunaizia, cooperation always makes it easy to accomplish the tasks more easily and efficiently. Mutual cooperation among the employees reduces their workload and enables them to share responsibilities and ideas. 

Asim Wazir

Position: Executive Director 
Location: Islamabad

It’s been great working here completed my decade of working in Schunaizia. We have achieved many milestones but still a lot of work needs to be done which require our commitment, dedication, hard work not only in personal capacity but also as a team in Schunaizia.

Maryam Hafeez

Position: Finance Officer 
Location: Peshawar

Working with Schunaizia has been phenomenal experience. I am honored to be part of Schunaizia. At Schunaizia the focus is on building meaningful careers for all our team members & bringing out best in an employee by creating a drive that is fueled by willingness to contribute. Gaining knowledge & experience in specialized domain is what creates the difference.

Dr. Waqar

Position: Member Development & Partnership Committee
Location: Peshawar

Working with Schunaizia is a great experience. I have rich experience for building relationships to increase membership interactions, engagement, growth and identify opportunities and build long-term relationships. 

Mr. Asghar

Position: M&E Officer
Location: Islamabad

All in all, working here with Schunaizia has taught me many beneficial things. What I have learned in the span of less than three months will always be a big part of me growing up.

Mr. Salahudin

Position: Internal Auditor
Location: Peshawar

Schunaizia is known for its focus and knows exactly what goals need to be achieved. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond the current role and my career progression has been quite impressive. Suhunaizia is a great place for creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they posses and let their talent prosper in a positive working environment.

Mr. Waqas

Position: M&E Coordinator
Location: Islamabad

I have been working in different projects of Schunaizia since 7 years. It’s been great working in such a friendly environment with highly enthusiastic staff members.  This Organization gave me a chance to work in different sectors like Education, Relief & Rehabilitation, Justice and Rule of law.

Maryam Mumtaz

Position: Admin & Finance Officer 
Location: Islamabad

It’s been a great experience while working as an Admin & Finance officer at Schunaizia Relief and development organization.  All my colleagues are very helpful and supportive.  I have learned a lot under the kind supervision of my seniors. I have always been given the chance to work on different areas to show my potentials and skills. 

Muhammad Uzair

Position: Field Supervisor
Location: Kohat

I Muhammad Uzair had joined Schunaizia in December 2012 as Assistant field officer, and still working with organization and appointed to different designation from Executive director in this era. I found really optimistic and encouraging colleagues and higher management and highly cooperative environment to improve my intra personal skills, management skills communication, decision making and quality assurance to meet the goals.

Sumbal Fayaz

Position: Admin Officer
Location: Peshawar

Working in Schunaizia has indeed been a great experience. I have always been given opportunity to learn & work on wide range of projects. Employees are valued for their work and sincerity. Seniors & colleagues are very organized and easy to work with. It’s really wonderful to be part of an organization that helps me grow and enhance my skills.