Sonia Wazir

Position: Chairperson

1.     Women rights are the human rights. I believe women should be empowered as they are the key to our future. Schunaizia believes in empowering women, it acknowledges that women are the key members of society and without them development is impossible.

Imran Ahmed Khalil

Position: Finance Secratary 

1.     Pakistan is a country suffering from extreme poverty, so it needs to get rid of this menace as early as possible. SDG’S are a bold commitment towards ending poverty but unfortunately they haven’t been able to achieve the desired goal yet.  Poverty is a big social issue and it needs to be eradicated soon not only by the government but by the common people as well who are capable enough to bring some change.

Mehwish Haq

Position: Executive Member

1.     Justice is the right of every citizen but in our country poor people don’t have access to proper justice because unfortunately in Pakistan justice is only provided to the people of upper class which is unfair. Schunaizia reckons that justice should be provided to every individual without any discrimination.

Khalida Bibi

Position: Executive Member

1.     Every human being ought to be treated equally so as children. Children form a very vulnerable part of human society. They deserve to be valued, taken care of and have their rights being protected. They must be treated equally like other citizens of society.

Sumera Begum

Position: Executive Member

1.     There are millions of girls not attending school. In Pakistan expensive education is an excuse for not educating girls. Parents are illiterate and they think that if they would spend on girl's education it will be useless. Parents should be guided and informed about the importance of education for both men and women.


Saqib Wazir

Position: Executive Member

Grass root approach to development should be adapted. Women must be given their due role in enhancing the shape of society.


Position: Executive Member

1.     Education is really important for every individual but most importantly getting that education at the right time is quite necessary for getting successful in life ahead. Many students in Pakistan are in improper grade for their age so they must be guided to get fruitful education at the right time.