Save the Future!


Innovative Educational Project of Schunaizia in Punjab.

“Save the Future” is an innovative project designed for the education of the children. In this project, Orphans, Child labor, Street Children who belonged to very destitute and low income families were identified and then enrolled in school. Mothers/Guardians of these children did not have enough money to provide proper school education to their children. These children basically had an illiterate background and there was no one to monitor the progress of their school activities, So we enrolled these children to school and provided them with books, uniform, stationary items, transport service and tuition fee for 1 full Academic year. At the time of admission we signed an agreement with the school authorities to provide all the necessary documents and files needed by the staff of Save the future and to cooperate with us as much as possible. Each and every child is monitored properly by the class teachers and staff members separately. We provided them with the monthly progress and academic point sheets and they gave us back by filling those sheets separately for every individual. These point sheets clearly described the performance of the kids in their homework, class work, creative activities, reading, writing, Listening, Uniform& tidiness, sports and their academics. Child’s monthly Attendance, Activities, and Academics were monitored by the staff members and a complete report including all these three things was made separately for every individual. We also held meetings with the parents and teachers to discuss the overall performance of the child and to overcome all their weaknesses and problems. We also visited the school from time to time to talk to the authorities about any issue related to the child, to have a check on how the teachers were teaching and what’s going on in the premises of the school. So, “Save the Future” tried it’s level best to provide the quality education to these poor and destitute children who wanted to study but couldn’t due to low income.