Schunaizia was formally established in 2006. It is duly reg- istered with Government of Pakistan under Societies ACT 1860. Since its establishment Schunaizia is working in Re- lief, Health, Rehabilitation, Education, Gender, Juvenile Jus- tice and Rule of Law Sectors. Schunaizia has been working on different projects for social welfare and development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Punjab, it has also pro- vided its cooperation to other civil society organizations; working for the same interest. Since its establishment Sc- hunaizia has proved and maintained remarkable quality and performance in all of its projects. 
In 2007 Schunaizia worked with mounting concentration on Relief sector and extended its relief activities in Punjab. Beside relief works, Schunaizia put its main focus on sus- tainable projects in educational sector and with sustain- ability of this sector Schunaizia expanded its welfare work for other social issues like provision of living standard dur- ing natural calamities. In order to maintain quality bench- mark all projects of Schunaizia are being followed by Total Quality Management principles. The main consideration of all Schunizians is tightening control on project outcomes, regular inspection and prevention rather than cure. The purpose of the Schunaizia is to promote worthy facilita- tions during calamities, developmental practices and to help our community for social prosperity. 

Schunaizia Vision 

To establish a prosperous and empow- ered society. 

Schunaizia Mission 

To serve humanity without any dis- crimination of gender, religion, caste, color or language. 

Schunaizia Values

We believe in open communication so we en- courage those around us to speak and voice their valuable thoughts. 

Mutual Trust 
We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and plans. We believe that people work well only when there is a foundation of trust.

We ensure everyone’s worth and dignity, regard- less of thier background, aptitude or believes. We work with collaboration and value human.

Each employee is considered as a unique human being and is involoved in helping the organiza- tion meet its goals.

We are transparent, truthful and fair in all our in- teractions with employees. We work with in the letter and spirit of the law. 
We promote creativity. We encourage our em- ployees to think out of the box. We never settle for the speedy or simple solution. 



Education project on No Profit No Loss basis was designed. Project focused technical and computer training of poor and refugee students.


Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization became founding member of Insaf Network Pakistan to work in the field of Rule of Law.


Project became a success. Project team dedicated themselves for taking the project to new heights of success.


Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization (SRDO) focused on Governance, Education and Relief activities.


Project was registered as Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization. Mr Asim donated his books (on computers) for newly born organization.  It became self-sustained.


Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization (SRDO) adopted new strategy for its Education goal. Education program Save The Future has been started by introducing its pilot project in District Gujranwala.


New approach was adopted and Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization started to widen its working in different thematic areas .


Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization (SRDO) adopted new strategy for local governments good governance through establishing performance index. Moreover and index establishment to ensure fair trail and due process in court cases.