transforming lives....
                since 2006

Who we are?

Schunaizia was formally established in 2006. It is duly reg- istered with Government of Pakistan under Societies ACT 1860. Since its establishment Schunaizia is working in Re- lief, Health, Rehabilitation, Education, Gender, Juvenile Jus- tice and Rule of Law Sectors. Schunaizia has been working on different projects for social welfare and development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Punjab, it has also pro- vided its cooperation to other civil society organizations; working for the same interest. Since its establishment Sc- hunaizia has proved and maintained remarkable quality and performance in all of its projects. 

Schunaizia by Numbers

Food Packages

7000+ Familes

Winter Aid Packages

2500+ Families

School Supplies

1000+ Students

Schooling Support

250+ Students

Free Medical Treatement 

5000+ Patients

Community Health Awareness 

25000+ Community Members                     

Legal Aid 

80+ Paupers 

Skill Development 

350+ Students 

IT Skill Development 

65000+ Students 

Language Skill Development 

100000+ Students 

Emergency Schooling 

500+ Students 


50+ Activities 

Houses Constructed 

60+ Widows 

Flood Assistance 

4000+ Families 


Schunaizia has implemented many projects across Paki- stan in various thematic areas. Its geographical outreach is spread in more than 16 districts of the country, including areas in FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. 

1 Islamabad 9 Narowal
2 Peshawar
10 Swat
3 Lahore 11 Tank
4 Gujranwala 12 Mardan
5 Kohat 13 Faisalabad
6 D.I.Khan 14 Toba tek Singh
7 F.R.Bannu 15 Nowshera
8 Khyber Agency 16 Sialkot



Education is a social instrument through which a person can guide his/her destiny and shape his/her future. Education is considered very important for the social development and economic growth of the nations. Schunaizia greatly emphasizes on‘education for all’. It also encourages and is devoted to provide quality education to the girls. It focuses on rural education and is responsible to promote and extend quality education in the public schools of rural and deprived areas. It mobilizes community involvement for the noble cause of education for social and economic prosperity and to eradicate poverty.


The New Force

Gender equality is now a putative refrain that took decades of advocacy to develop acceptance for gendered diversities as relevant to the international human rights system. In this process, the recognition that “women’s rights are human rights” played a central role.Legal and normative institutions also addressed the marginalization of women. Schunaizia always remained premier for equal rights without the discrimination of gender. Discrimination is when the individual is not treated on merit but is given advantage over another. Discrimination represents a significant social problem in Pakistan as well as throughout the world.


Undeniable Truth!

Schunaizia is an active participant to promote good governance. Its foremost goal is to ensure stable democratic system, effective use of power, responsiveness, equity and inclusiveness,supremacy of constitution, rule of law, transparent accountability, efficient administrative system, investment friendly environment, public participation in policy-making, education for all because good governance is the precondition for meeting the challenges and promoting sustainable development. It coordinates and involves local government to conduct public affairs at ground level. It provides statistics to the government for further decision making and implementation.


Restoring Lives

Schunaizia has the fundamental goal of assisting people through involving local community after disasters. When a disaster hits, Schunaizia always mobilizes a volunteer group from universities, businesses, youth groups, women’s organizations, and religious groups under its Relief Department. Schunaizia also provides direct support and emergency services immediately following a disaster such as blankets, food, clothing, and relief kits to suffering people. It also facilitates people to reconstruct their lives and get over the shock of disaster. 

Innovative Ideas

Practical and Sustainable

Schunaizia always attempts to introduce creative and innovative ideas to start new projects in some different ways that are practical and sustainable for the development. Accompanied by innovative and unique ideas, Schunaizia primarily emphasizes and insures the effectiveness and productivity by creating and executing new processes which in turn provides meaningful and long term advantages to the communities.


Changing Minds

The familiar trend of reform is; “Adopt, Attack, Abandon’’. First, an idea or objective is adopted then there is confusion and skepticism in the implementation leading to growing naysayers and finally the plan is abandoned and replaced with something new. Pakistan needs reforms to harness its potential because of ineffectiveness and crisis of governance. Schunaizia is taking part to bring gradual changes in certain aspects of society and involving community to initiate reforms at individual and ground levels. 


Free Legal Aid

Legal Aid was provided in KPK through Legal Aid Desks of Schunaizia

Ending Sexual Harassment

Focus Group Discussion conducted in City Hospital

Free Medical Camps

Free medical camp for flood affected people in KPK and Punjab

Speech Competition

Speech competition in Nowshera

Educational Projects

Schunaizia College of Commerce & Management (SCCM) 

Schunaizia College of Commerce & Management (SCCM) follows a world-class model for in-class instruction. Each faculty member has MBA or MS from reputable universities of Pakistan.

Schunaizia Institute of English Language

Over 10000 free beneficiaries at SIEL. This project was established in 2006. SIEL offers different English language courses through well qualified and experienced instructor plus modern teaching materials.

Schunaizia Institute of Technology

Schunaizia Relief & Development Organization remained premier in its contribution for education; facilitating technical education to get skilled people that could fulfill the market requirement is the sole purpose of Schunaizia.